Wayb Pico Car Seat

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The Wayb Pico is the lightweight car seat of your dreams! Weighing only 8-lbs with a recommended age of 2 years, it's the ONLY travel-worthy, foldable toddler car seat in the U.S. This makes it perfect for families who Uber on the regular or know multiple flights are in their future. 

After safety, it's essential that any portable car seat be light weight enough to haul between cars and through half a mile of airport gates. The Pico's framework is made of AeroWing™ space-grade aluminum alloy for a ultralight, super strong, and energy absorbing body. This reduces its weight to a stealthy 8-lbs compared to a (convertible car seat) market average of 22-lbs!


Is the Wayb Pico easy to install?

Yes! It's actually easier to install a Wayb Pico compared to heavier car seats. Its thin, light frame make its much easier to work with. It can be installed with either the seat belt or the LATCH system. All the installation components are easy to find and even easier to tighten for a correct installation.

Why does the Wayb Pico have a 2+ year age recommendation?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all children rear face until two years old or longer. But there aren't laws requiring this so it's up to each parent's best practice. Safety is the priority for all families but lugging around a 22-35lb convertible car seat isn't possible for every situation like travel, ride shares, or car pooling. Many parents use the Wayb Pico car seat for these situations while keeping their little one in a "tank" of a car seat in the everyday car.

Is the Wayb Pico comfortable for little ones?

Very! The AstroKnit™ mesh fabric stretches just enough to support your little one's shape. No pressure points and no little behinds falling asleep here. On top of comfort the AstroKnit™ keeps the Wayb Pico's weight low, circulates cool air, and cleans easily even in an airport bathroom! 


For frequent travelers, pick up the Pico Cup Holder and the hands-free Wayb Pico Carry Bag (backpack style) to keep your car seat safe in between uses. And for anyone worried about the lines left on your leather seats the Pico Vehicle Seat Protector will keep everything as good as new!