UPPAbaby Stroller Bassinet Stand VISTA / Uppababy Universal Bassinets

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After a few months of nesting, you are ready to take your baby on her first road trip to Grandma and Grandpa's. Though you will only be visiting for a couple days, you want to be absolutely prepared for every nap, tummy play session, feeding, and bath time. To be ready, you have created a careful list of travel items to bring along.

In the meantime, your mother insists she has everything you need up in the attic - no doubt, saved baby gear from when you yourself were a baby. Though it's sweet to see your baby grasp for your childhood blocks, it's nice to have the essential gear you know and trust. The no-brainer? Bring along your favorite UPPAbaby stroller. Well, what about the crib? Take our advice; get an UPPAbaby Bassinet Stand.

This stand attaches to your UPPAbaby Universal Bassinet, giving your baby a safe and elevated impromptu crib for naps and bedtimes. The UPPAbaby Bassinet Stand has an easy "click and lock" attachment that will keep the seat safely connected to the stand. This winning combo is excellent for trips away from home, and is wonderfully portable with its compact folding design. When folded, the stand can also remain standing, making it ideal when space is at a premium.

Besides the impressive construction and safe design, we love that there is a convenience tray that's perfect for storing those diaper accessories and toys. Not leaving town? The UPPAbaby Bassinet stand is still incredibly useful, whether your baby is napping in the kitchen while you prepare dinner or co-sleeping in your bedroom.