UPPAbaby ALTA Booster Seat

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UPPAbaby's first booster seat is getting an upgrade! The UPPAbaby ALTA Booster Car Seat combines high-quality safety features with fashion-forward design to create a fantastic, high-quality car seat that not just secure, but also snug and stylish. The UPPAbaby ALTA Booster Car Seat has a ton of awesome features, including:

  • Belt positioning capabilities: Lap belt positioners, side-lap belt positioners, and neck belt positioners follow a SecureFit belt routing system, leading your car's seat belt through the booster seat and into a secure location for your child's sitting position. This unique routing path makes the UPPAbaby ALTA Booster Car Seat easier to set up and ensuring that your child stays stable in the case of a collision.
  • Adjustable headrest and seat body: You can't predict growth spurts, but with the UPPAbaby ALTA Booster Car Seat, you can be ready for them! Simply adjust the car seat's headrest and seat body according to your child's height, providing the optimum head, neck, shoulder, and back support.
  • Top-of-the-line side impact protection: A combination of EPP (expanded polypropylene) and memory foam, paired with Side Impact Protection pods, pads the sides of the UPPAbaby ALTA Booster Car Seat, absorbing shock and making the car seat more comfortable.
  • Rigid LATCH connectors: You can install the UPPAbaby ALTA Booster Car Seat into your car via Rigid LATCH connectors, which will keep the car seat secure and firmly in place even in the event of an accident.
  • Multiple color options: With four distinct color palettes to choose from (black, teal, charcoal, and grey with pink accents), the UPPAbaby ALTA Booster Car Seat can match any car's interior design.

The UPPAbaby ALTA Booster Seat can accommodate between 40-100 lbs of weight, 5 or 6-10 years of age, and/or 38"-57" of height.