Tado Smart AC Control V3+


Connect your air conditioning to your smart home with the Tado AC V3+.This smart air conditioner controller ensures that you control almost every air conditioner with your smartphone.

You can switch on your air conditioner on a warm day before you get home. The house will already be cool when you get home. Thanks to the Tado Smart Air Conditioner, you’ll also save . If the app knows that no one is home, it will automatically turn off the air conditioner.

Did you leave a window open? You can choose to switch the air conditioner off automatically. Another option is to connect the air conditioning to the weather forecasts via the Tado app. That way, you won’t make the house too cold when it’s extremely outside. That’s better for your body.


  • Control your AC or heat pump from anywhere with the tado° app on your phone, and have a clear overview of your climate history and savings.
  • Always enjoy the suitable temperature in any room with the Smart Schedule and keep a healthy climate at home.
  • Control your AC from anywhere with the tado° app and reduce your energy consumption and save money with the help of intelligent Skills.
  • For even more comfort you can automate Geofencing and Open Window Detection.
  • tado° is compatible with ACs that have an infrared remote control with a display. Works with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.