Nuna Leaf Grow Baby Swing

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One of the most unique bouncers on the market, Nuna took the baby world by storm when they brought the Leaf to the US early in the 2010s. One of the only bouncers on the market that can be used until high school, the Leaf is an incredible feat of engineering. Nuna chose to name this baby bouncer the Leaf due to its unique gentle sway.

It is designed to sway like a leaf in the wind, a calming back and forth that lulls kids to sleep in a natural fashion, without any electricity or buttons. Fascinatingly, the motion continues for a few minutes on the strength of a single push. The gentle swaying continues, gradually slowing down as it lulls baby to sleep. It can be adjusted to three different heights to ensure optimal comfort for different ages.

Its weight limit sits at 130lbs, allowing kids to use this as a lounger throughout their adolescence. The base then locks (so it doesn’t sway), allowing kids to just relax on its breathable surface until they’ve outgrown its height limits. The fabrics are machine washable, and a matching toy bar is included with purchase!