Nuna CUDL clik Baby Carrier

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It can be intimidating to wear a baby carrier, especially when you are a new parent. Nuna CUDL clik aims to make baby wearing easier and more intuitive. A few simple features and straightforward functionality make Nuna CUDL clik a breeze to wear your baby.

Infants six months and younger can be carried on the parent or caregiver’s front, facing them with the head support raised. Once they can support their head on their own they can be turned to face outward and engage with the world. You can also carry your baby on your back like a backpack!

Nuna CUDL clik Comfortable for you and your baby  

  • All weather conditions
  • Breathable mesh fabrics that prevent you and your baby from overheating
  • Soft mesh is gentle on bare skin 
  • Padded to relieve pressure points
  • worn in three unique positions
  • integrated zipper booster allows you to adjust the carrier to fit both infants and toddlers 

Nuna CUDL clik Easy to use

  • Unique magnetic clasps guide you to their proper place
  • Hook and loop waistband is effortlessly adjusted
  • Features a handy zip-off pouch for your essentials
  • Yoke of the carrier is also adjustable so you can choose how weight is distributed 

New! Nuna CUDL clik VS. old Nuna CUDLE

  • Versatile buckled waistband easily and conveniently secures for custom fitting and adjusts from 24 to 57 inches
  • Breeze cover is self-storing and easily pulls up to protect baby from the elements
  • Zippered wristlet pouch on waistband is removable for hands-free essentials
  • Improved front-facing leg adjustment for a customized fit for smaller babies