Nuna Aace Booster Seat Flame Retardant Free

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Your little one is finally independent enough to ditch the five point harness and graduate to using only the seat belt like a big kid! While this is an important milestone, often parents feel like they lose safety features when switching to a booster seat. With the Nuna Aace booster seat, you and your little one can have the best of both worlds!

Enhanced Safety Features

First and foremost, the primary function of a car seat is always to protect your child in the event of an accident. Nuna knows that as a parent, you don’t want to compromise on safety just because your child is now old enough to ride without the five point harness. That’s why the Nuna Aace has enhanced safety features that contribute to better performance in crash tests.

Energy absorbing EPP foam and side impact protection pods guard against side collisions and help diffuse crash forces. The booster also features a belt positioner to ensure that the seat belt shoulder strap is placed properly on your child for maximum protection.

For your protection in a collision, the Nuna Aace installs using lower anchor connectors to prevent the booster from becoming a projectile when not in use. The Nuna Aace is also made from materials that are naturally flame retardant, making the booster totally free from chemical flame retardants!

Features Your Cool Kid Will Love

Your child will be excited to ride in this big kids’ seat because it has a sleek design and grows with your child giving them unparalleled comfort as they phase out car seats altogether. Three adjustable seat depths give growing legs plenty of support and space and the Grow Out shoulder system expands as you raise the headrest. The nine position height adjustable headrest adjusts with one hand for your convenience.

For added comfort, in high back mode the seat can be reclined to eight different recline positions. Ventilation panels within the shell and breathable (and washable) fabrics keep the car seat cool and comfortable for your kid. Built in arm rests give your child room to rest and the included dishwasher-safe cup holder lets them store a drink, snack, or toys for the journey.

Multiple Ways to Ride

The Nuna Aace starts off as a high back booster with nine different height positions, but eventually you’ll want a lightweight and compact option for easier travel. That’s why the Nuna Aace can transform easily into a backless booster for the final transition to car seat free car rides! In backless booster mode the Nuna Aace has a much smaller footprint and is also a great option if you need to accommodate an adult in the back seat.