Bugaboo Performance Winter Footmuff

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If you remember watching the younger brother in A Christmas Story get stuffed so tightly into a red snow suit to the point he couldn't put his own arms down by his sides. It was an instant gag and way too relatable! Trying to get any infant or child's limbs into a snow suit is not only difficult but often uncomfortable for them. We want them to stay warm but also able to put their arms down, bend their elbows, and scratch their noses. Skip this whole situation and set yourself up with the ultimate cold-weather solution for quick and cozy on-the-go parents: a Bugaboo Performance Winter Footmuff!

A footmuff is like a big, warm mitten (without the thumb) that zips along the edges and fixes into your stroller. They are used in place of a traditional snowsuit so you're little one can move around freely inside. You zip up your little one inside and they stay toasty warm from the head down; it’s like having a snowsuit, mittens, and hat all in one! Having a footmuff has a lot of conveniences. On top of keeping your little one more warm without limiting their ability to move their arms, you have the ultimate indoor/outdoor temperature regulation too! To keep baby from overheating inside the grocery store, you can unzip the side to let in air with one motion. And when you head out into the cold, you can zip them back up, and pull on the elastic to make the hood fit just a bit cozier. You’ll have the fastest and most convenient way to regulate your little one’s temperature no matter where your day brings you!

The Bugaboo Performance Winter Footmuff is designed with more flexibility and features than any other footmuff, and it’s one of the warmest out there! The Bugaboo Performance Winter Footmuff improves on the design moms and dads have always loved. The Bugaboo Performance Winter Footmuff lasts from age 6 months to 4 year old. It has a built in hood, long body sleeve, two layers of removable insulation, and a wipeable shoe shield on the interior.

Weatherproof fabric and zippers - The exterior fabric is weatherproof for even torrential rain and heavy snow. This is one of the more important differences between the Bugaboo Performance Winter Footmuff and the alternative Bugaboo Performance Winter Footmuff.

Responsibly sourced filling - the combination filling of down, feathers, and polyester will regulate and keep everyone inside the Footmuff comfortable through the coldest of Winters.

Adjustable Insulation - Unique to the Bugaboo Performance Winter Footmuff are the two layers of adjustable insulation. Use a single layer for temperatures that are cool to cold. But on those frigid days, the added second insulation layer snaps onto the front panel for maximum toastyness!

Adjustable Built-in Hood - insulation from the top down! The hood will keep all the child’s body heat inside the footmuff and cut down on the wind getting to their delicate skin. A strong elastic drawstring and toggle adjust the opening.

Shoe shield - a patch of wipeable fabric lines the shoe area inside, keeping your Bugaboo Performance Winter Footmuff clean and dry.

Zipper and magnet closures - A double zipper runs the full edge allowing for access on either side. Magnets keep the apron folded out of the way for even our littlest one’s to see over the top.

Leg room - the foot area is cut with a “box-y” foot area to give plenty of space for shoes and boots


  • Temperature regulating
  • Built in shoe shield
  • Two-way zipper
  • Soft, breathable fleece lining
  • Water repellent outer fabric
  • Cocoon shaped head-piece
  • Easy to clean materials
  • Breathable fleece lining
  • Suitable from 6 months - 4 years
  • Improved fit on all Bugaboo strollers
  • Soft breathable melange fleece inside
  • Reflective elements


  • Weight: 1.98
  • Dimensions: 37.8 x 16.5 x 7.9 in.
  • Outside: 100% polyester
  • Base filling: 100% polyester
  • Cover filling: 60% down/ 40% feather
  • Winter filling: 60% down/ 40% feather
  • Suitable for Cameleon, Bee, Fox, Lynx, Donkey