Bentley 6-in-1 Stroller Trike

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Enjoy a luxurious ride with the Bentley 6-in-1 Stroller Trike. This stunning design, developed in partnership with Bentley Motors, will turn heads as you stroll.

With intuitive features like swivel and reclining padded seats, three sets of footrests, a detachable parent push handle and the capability to transform and accommodate kids from 6 months to 5 years, this trike is sure to provide optimal comfort and convenience.

The Bentley 6-in-1 Trike in the Mulliner White Sand color is a special edition inspired by the prestigious Bentley Continental GT Mulliner. It features replica Mulliner wheels, exquisite leather cross stitching, and a captivating White Sand color, mirroring the luxury and elegance of the ultra-exclusive Mulliner GT.